Xenomania/Balearico/Mr Joshua discography

PJ PROBY /MARC ALMOND : Yesterday Has Gone

1. Yesterday Has Gone (Balearico Mix)

GIANTKILLERS : Time Of Our Lives

1. Time Of Our Lives (Xenomania Radio Edit)
2. Time Of Our Lives (Xenomania Club Mix)
3. Time Of Our Lives (No Respect Dub)

GIRLS ALOUD : Sound Of The Underground [Album "SOTU"] 

1. Sound Of The Underground
2. Sound Of The Underground (Brian Higgins Remix)
2. Sound Of The Underground (Flip & Fill Remix)

GIRLS ALOUD : No Good Advice [Album "SOTU"]

1. No Good Advice (Clean Version)
2. No Good Advice (Dreadzone Vocal Mix)
3. No Good Advice (Doublefunk Mix)

GIRLS ALOUD : Some Kind Of Miracle [Album "SOTU"]

1. Some Kind Of Miracle 

GIRLS ALOUD : Life Got Cold [Album "SOTU"]

1. Life Got Cold (Clean Album Version)
2. Life Got Cold (Radio Version)
3. Life Got Cold (29 Palms Remix Edit)
4. Life Got Cold (29 Palms Remix)
5. Life Got Cold (Stella Browne Edit)

GIRLS ALOUD : Stop [Album "SOTU"]

1. Stop

GIRLS ALOUD : Love/Hate [Album "SOTU"]

1. Love/Hate

GIRLS ALOUD : Jump [Album "SOTU" New Version] 

1. Jump
2. Jump (Almighty Vocal Mix)

GIRLS ALOUD : You Freak Me Out [Album "SOTU" New Version] 

1. You Freak Me Out

HOLLYWOOD : Apocalypse Kiss

1. Apocalypse Kiss (Xenomania Coppola Mix)

JIMMY RAY : Are You Jimmy Ray

1. Are You Jimmy Ray? (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. Are You Jimmy Ray? (Xenomania Club Instrumental)

JUNIA : It's Funny

1. It's Funny (Xenomania Club Mix) 6:02
2. It's Funny (Xenomania Club Instrumental Mix) 6:02

KATRINA & THE WAVES : Love Shine A Light

1. Love Shine A Light (Xenomania Club Mix)

KENICKIE : Stay In The Sun

1. Stay In The Sun (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. Stay In The Sun (Xenomania Instrumental) 

LENE : Here We Go [Album "Play With Me"]

1. Here We Go

LENE : We Wanna Party [Album "Play With Me]

1. We Wanna Party

LOVE INC : You're A Superstar

1. You're A Superstar (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. You're A Superstar (Xenomania Radio edit)


1. I'm Over You (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. I'm Over You (Xenomania Disco Mix)


1. Do Me Wrong
2. Do Me Wrong (G Town Radio Edit)
3. Do Me Wrong (Rogue Traders Radio Edit)
4. Do Me Wrong (Rogue Traders Vocal 12")
5. Do Me Wrong (Themrock 12" Vocal Mix)

MLS : Duchess

1. Duchess (Xenomania Mix)


1. Here We Go

MOONBABY : Kitsch Bitch Kool

1. Kitsch Bitch Kool

MR JOSHUA: In Praise Of The Sun

 1. In Praise Of The Sun

MR JOSHUA : Toujours Le Soleil

1.   Toujours Le Soleil (Mr Joshua Video Edit)
2.   Toujours Le Soleil (Tim & Matt Edit)
3.   Toujours Le Soleil (Tim & Matt Mix)
4.   Toujours Le Soleil (Funky Guitar Edit)
5.   Toujours Le Soleil (Funky Guitar Mix)
6.   Toujours Le Soleil (Funky Guitar Instrumental)
7.   Toujours Le Soleil (Chicane Mix)
8.   Toujours Le Soleil (Luca Cassani Mix)
9.   Toujours Le Soleil (Masters At Work French Mix)
10. Toujours Le Soleil (Masters At Work French Dub)

PLEASURE DELUXE : 99 Red Balloons

1. 99 Red Balloons (Higgo's Club Edit)
2. 99 Red Balloons (Balearico Airplay Edit)
2. 99 Red Balloons (Balearico 12" Sunshine Mix)
3. 99 Red Balloons (Balearico Sunshine Instrumental)

REAL McCOY : I Wanna Come With You

1. I Wanna Come With You (Xenomania Mix)

REAL McCOY : (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!

1. (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here! (Xenomania Radio Mix)
2. (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here! (Xenomania Extended Radio Mix)

SAINT ETIENNE : Burnt Out Car [Album "Smash The System"]

1. Burnt Out Car (Balearico Mix)

SAINT ETIENNE : Stormtrooper In Drag

1. Stormtrooper In Drag
2. Stormtrooper In Drag 7.40

SAINT ETIENNE : Action [Album "Finisterre"]

1. Action (Mr Joshua Edit)
2. Action (Mr Joshua Club Mix)
3. Action (Album Version)
4. Action (Dj Tiesto Mix)
5. Action (Dj Tiesto Instrumental)
6. Action (Laub Mix)

SAINT ETIENNE : Shower Scene [Album "Finisterre"]

1. Shower Scene (Album Version)

SAINT ETIENNE : Soft Like Me [Album "Finisterre"]

1. Soft Like Me (Album Version)
2. Soft Like Me (Mr Joshua Mix)
3. Soft Like Me (K.O.W. Radiophonic Rework)

SAINT ETIENNE : New Thing [Album "Finisterre"]

1. New Thing (Album Version)

SAPPHIRE : I'll Never Be Lonely Again

1. I'll Never Be Lonely Again (Xenomania Vocal Club)

SARAH BRIGHTMAN : Who Want's To Live Forever

1. Who Wants To Live Forever (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. Who Wants To Live Forever (Xenomania Dub Mix)


1. I Want You (Xenomania Funky Mix)
2. I Want You (Xenomania 12" Club mix)
3. I Want You (Xenomania Funky Radio Mix)

SEXUS VIA. XENOMANIA : How Do You (Spanish) Kiss?

1. How Do You (Spanish) Kiss? (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. How Do You (Spanish) Kiss? (Xenomania Instrumental Mix)
3. How Do You (Spanish) Kiss? (Xenomania Dub Mix)
4. How Do You (Spanish) Kiss? (Xenomania Hero Dub)

SUGABABES: Round & Round [Album "Angels With Dirty Faces"]

1. Round & Round (Album Version)
2. Round & Round (Alternative Mix)
3. Round & Round (Craigie & Crichton Remix)
4. Round & Round (Soulwax Remix)
5. Round & Round (Seani B Remix Feat. Zaguzaar)

SUGABABES : Angels With Dirty Faces [Album "Angels With Dirty Faces]

1. Angels With Dirty Faces (Album Version)
2. Angels With Dirty Faces (Audio Drive Remix)

SUGABABES : Hole In The Head [Album "Three"]

1. Hole In The Head (Original Radio Edit)
2. Hole In The Head (Brian Higgins Mix - Gravitas Clean)
3. Hole In The Head (Full Intention Vocal Mix)
4. Hole In The Head (D-Bop Mix)

SUGABABES : In The Middle [Album "Three"] 

1. In The Middle 

SUGABABES : Twisted [Album "Three"] 

1. Twisted 

SUGABABES : Situation's Heavy [Album "Three"]  

1. Situation's Heavy

SUGABABES : Someone In My Bed [Single "Too Lost In You" B-side] 

1. Someone In My Bed

SUGABABES : Who [Single "Hole In The Head" B-side] 

1. Who 

STEPS : Chain Reaction

1. Chain Reaction (Xenomania Club 7" Edit)
2. Chain Reaction (Xenomania Club Mix)

THOMAS JULES STOCK : Didn't I Tell You True

1. Didn't I Tell You True (Xenomania Club)

U 96 : Heaven 

1. Heaven (Xenomania Club Mix)
2. Heaven (Xenomania Instrumental)

 VANILLA : No Way, No Way

1. No Way, No Way (Xenomania 7" Mix)
2. No Way, No Way (Xenomania Re-Mix)

VANILLA : True To Us

1. True To Us (Xenomania Edit)
2. True To Us (Xenomania 12" Mix)

WHO'S EDDIE : Take Me Up 

1. Take Me Up (Xenomania 12") 

THE SMURFS : I've Got A Little Puppy

1. I've Got A Little Puppy (Xenomania Club Mix)